Copenhagen Part Two & Video

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Harbour locks roses Fin Finlay cuddles Olly & Fin mermaid shop bobbles clothes bike outfit Granola lattebreakfast flower shop blooms

Here's the last of our photos from Copenhagen along with a little video I made of our trip, which was all shot on an iPhone! If you're ever in Copenhagen then visiting Cafe Granola is a MUST, as we had the best breakfast ever there. So amazing! The street it's on is full of awesome cafes too and some lovely stores are close by. I wish we could have picked up some flowers to take back with us, but Olly reminded me we had enough to carry! Boo.

Looking back at these pictures I keep being reminded of what a lovely time we all had. It's definitely different travelling and going places with a baby, as you have to think about how accessible destinations will be with a buggie in tow and going out in the evenings isn't really an option (I wish we had thought to bring the iPad with some pre-loaded movies as we ended up watching episodes of the sweedish Come Dine With Me! Oh and Family Guy.) But I was also surprised by how natural it all felt, it was so cute seeing Finlay try join in on everything we did and he took to travelling like a champ! I can't wait for our next trip now :) 

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Monday, 14 April 2014

Ceiling Interiors view In the gallery artwork 2 hi arab section warhol Play Room books Finlay lunch

On our second day in Copenhagen we took a trip out to Humlebaek to visit The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which I'd read great reviews on. I'm a huge fan of modern art and love strolling through galleries, there's something so lovely and calming about it. So I was in heaven when we visited The Louisiana Museum as it housed some of the most creative artworks and installations I'd ever seen.

When getting the train out to the museum in the freezing cold I couldn't help moan to Olly about why they'd have such a popular museum on the outskirts of Copenhagen where it's inconvenient to reach. But it was only upon visiting the grounds that it all made perfect sense, the park where the museum is situated is simply idyllic with views right across to Sweden. There's not only a focus on art there, but on the whole landscape and architecture too making it a really fabulous and relaxing day out.

We spent the whole day taking our time in each exhibit, I think both of our favourites was the Middle East section which transported you to sand dunes and then onto the bustle of Dubai. There were so many subtle touches in every gallery, with each one being meticulously planned and constructed. It was also very child friendly, and when Finlay had a meltdown in the American Modern Art section we were able to rush to the children's facilities, which was the most beautiful space in itself with areas for children to play and chill. I took Finlay into one of the quiet rooms to nurse and I almost fell asleep to the sound of a story being narrated in the background on speakers whilst I looked out over the river and trees. Heaven! The food was also one of the best meals we had in Copenhagen.

I'd highly recommend visiting this amazing museum. It wasn't the cheapest of days out when you consider transport, tickets and lunch but it was definitely worth it. I'd recommend giving yourself a whole day too so that you're not rushed and can take your time exploring each exhibit and the stunning grounds. 

The Friday Edit #1

Friday, 11 April 2014

So I thought it would be fun to start a new weekly series on my blog called 'The Friday Edit', where I'll share some snippets from our week or the odd video. So to start off here's a cute video of Finlay who is sooo close to crawling now. Happy Friday! 


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

bridge bike street Interiors outfit book cafe books cafe chai fin park park 2 trees square lost market cafe coffee menu tacos
Outfit - Jacket - Pinko, Dress - Olive, Leigh Jeans & Hat - Topshop, Boots (they go with everything) - H by Hudson via 

Hi guys! So if you follow me on Instagram then you'll know that we've been away this last week on our first family holiday to Copenhagen! Being all the way up north has some bonuses as we're only a quick flight from Scandinavia! However, thanks to the Lufthansa strikes our location didn't come in very useful as we had to be re-booked on BA and then had to travel via London (lots of nostalgia hit me as we waited in Terminal 5) so in the end our journey wasn't as direct as we'd have hoped, though I loved flying over Bergen for one of the trips. It looks idyllic and has just been added to our travel wish list as it looks like a writers/artists haven!  

I've been looking forward to visiting Copenhagen for a long time now and I'm so pleased to report that it definitely lived up to my expectations, which due to the costs, were pretty high let me tell you! For coffee lovers you'll find an abundance of stylish cafes on every corner, for interior enthusiasts there's plenty of gorgeous interior shops and Scandi style show rooms to be seen and for those of you who like the sneaker trend, well pretty much everyone we saw was wearing them! Strangely it reminded us of America at times and also of London (especially East London in places).

We spent our first couple of days wandering around the city, visiting Torvehallerne Market and the local parks and trying to persuade Finlay that his pram is much comfier than our arms. We also visited The Loiuisiana Modern Art Gallery, which was incredible (I'm saving another post for that) and our last day was spent down the canal, walking along the harbour to see the infamous mermaid and cramming in some final shopping, "Hello Marimeko and Acne!" (sadly no to the last one, it's not cheaper there as I'd heard, or not cheap enough for me to afford anyway)! It was such a lovely trip and we all had the best time exploring this beautiful city. It felt like a real tug to leave somewhere so fun and exciting. 

I still have some more photos to share and a vlog of our trip, but for now I'll leave you with these pics! Has anyone else been to Copenhagen? What did you think? 

[For mummies with young babies: I was quite nervous about travelling with Finlay, but he did great and it went much smoother than I anticipated. He slept for the flights and sucked on his dummy during take off and landing so that he didn't get sore ears. However, I would definitely travel with a baby carrier which we didn't (silly mistake). All the security etc. with a pram was tricky and Finlay also wanted to be held a lot so we'll definitely be taking our carrier on our next trip and checking the pram in instead.)