Raindrops keep falling on my head...

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Outfit 1 Blouse booties

Where has our lovely weather gone? I'm now telling myself off for being a hermit and not going out and making the most of all that glorious sunshine we had. This is a rather typical ensemble for me these days, creams and black with my trusty floppy hat and Kate Spade bag. I know I've pictured these boots a few times but I'm enjoying making the most out of them before I switch them up for some lighter summer booties. I'm obsessed with ankle boots all year round to be honest, I just find them so comfortable. 

I seem to be battling a never ending cold/flu bug at the moment. I thought I had managed to escape any sick bugs this year and was giving myself a mental high five, but this cold I caught last week is determined to wipe me out and is zapping my energy levels. Well that and constantly running after a very inquisitive seven month old who can army shuffle across the room at rapid speed these days! 

So who else has been following pictures of Coachella and wishing they were there?! Like every year it's sparked a sudden desire in me to book tickets for a music festival, so I'm currently looking into day tickets for  T in the Park (help what day do I choose??) However, this year we absolutely WON'T be going on the ferris wheel... such bad memories including an intoxicated male in the carousel above ours. Yuck! I won't go into details, but this incident put me off festivals for a good couple of years. Is anyone else organised and got tickets for a concert this summer? I'm always such a late planner, but I love having things to look forward to, it certainly helps on rainy days like today. 

Happy Easter!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Finlay 1.jpg copy Finlay with bunny.jpg copy gummy smiles.jpg bums.jpg
Playsuit & Cardigan - *Bonnie Baby, Bunny - Jellycat

Happy Easter! I hope you're all scoffing some easter eggs guilt free, as I'm pretty sure you get a free pass on Easter to eat as much chocolate as you like right?? I thought it would be fun to dress Finlay up in an Easter inspired outfit, which was kindly sent to him from Bonnie Baby. So sweet! I first stumbled on this adorable brand on Alex & Alexa as I was hunting for baby clothes that were a little more stylish, but still really cute at the same time. I love this little set with its modern rabbit print so much - he'll get some good use out of them over the summer months too now that we seem to be getting some nice weather again! 

So it's only just before nine but I've already started on a massive Thornton's Easter egg, which Finlay's going to have to miss out on, but I'm sure the Easter bunny will bring him a suitably sized chocolate egg next year. We're also missing our family just now who are dotted around the world, you certainly feel the distance during family holidays like this but I'm grateful that we get to see them in a few short weeks. What is everyone up to? Did anyone manage to get away somewhere nice for a long weekend? 

P.S The lovely team over at Bonnie Baby are offering a 20% off discount code for Influence Blog readers! Simply type in INFLUENCE20 when asked for a promo code at the checkout. 

The Friday Edit #2

Friday, 18 April 2014

DSC_0020 DSC_0033 DSC_0023

1. Buying fresh flowers...

There's nothing like picking up some fresh flowers to make your home feel nice and refreshed. I couldn't find a bunch that I liked at the supermarket so I decided to pay a trip to one of the local florists where I knew they'd have some Eucalyptus (my favourite). These have lasted over a week now and are still looking as lovely as when I first got them. I've been lighting candles in the evenings too lately and it's made our apartment feel so nice and cozy. 

2. Reading...

It's a lot harder these days to find the time to read, I feel like whatever baby free time I do get is often taken up with work, sorting the house, cooking... the list is endless. But I'm missing it being part of my routine so I'm making it my mission to read at least one book a month (with the hope of getting the chance to read more than that.) There's nothing better then finding a book that can take you away from the world for an hour or two, and it always gets my own creative ideas and thoughts going as well.    

3. Baby Realities... 

Today we ended up at the park by chance as my friend who we were supposed to be meeting had to cancel on us at the last minute. So I decided not to waste the day, but to pick up a soy latte since we were in town already and head to the park. Once there I took Finlay for his first go on a swing, which was rather adorable (pic of the big moment here). His little face lit up in it and he loved watching all the big kids running around as he was gently pushed back and forth... It was all going great, right up until I took him out when he then puked all down my shoulder. I slung a muslin over it for the remainder of our visit. Oh the realities of having a baby! He's back to his usual self now, rolling and shuffling around the living room.

Happy Friday! What did you guys get up to this week? :) 

Copenhagen Part Two & Video

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Harbour locks roses Fin Finlay cuddles Olly & Fin mermaid shop bobbles clothes bike outfit Granola lattebreakfast flower shop blooms

Here's the last of our photos from Copenhagen along with a little video I made of our trip, which was all shot on an iPhone! If you're ever in Copenhagen then visiting Cafe Granola is a MUST, as we had the best breakfast ever there. So amazing! The street it's on is full of awesome cafes too and some lovely stores are close by. I wish we could have picked up some flowers to take back with us, but Olly reminded me we had enough to carry! Boo.

Looking back at these pictures I keep being reminded of what a lovely time we all had. It's definitely different travelling and going places with a baby, as you have to think about how accessible destinations will be with a buggie in tow and going out in the evenings isn't really an option (I wish we had thought to bring the iPad with some pre-loaded movies as we ended up watching episodes of the sweedish Come Dine With Me! Oh and Family Guy.) But I was also surprised by how natural it all felt, it was so cute seeing Finlay try join in on everything we did and he took to travelling like a champ! I can't wait for our next trip now :)